7 Funniest Air Fryer Memes of 2021 to Brighten Your Day

Owning an air fryer is not just a trend, but a lifestyle..

Air Fryer Meme

If there are any two things that Millennials love, they would have to be air fryers and memes. Wearing their hair in a side part versus a middle part is a strong contender, too.

I mean, honestly. What is there not to love about an air fryer?! It’s a kitchen device that cooks almost anything to a beautiful golden-brown crisp without having to deep fry it in hot oil. It looks pretty fancy sitting on a kitchen counter, too. It claims its own space.

And don’t even get me started on the joy that memes bring to our lives. These still images and video clips with interchangeable text and captions are what got us through the nightmare that was 2020.

With the popularity of air fryers skyrocketing, and the fact that they are teaching people that cooking really is not that difficult, it has only become wildly appropriate to feature them in memes.

Owning an air fryer is not just a trend, but a lifestyle. Here are just seven of the funniest air fryer memes to pick you up when you’re feeling down.

This meme shows that owning an air fryer is a status symbol:

Air Fryer Meme:

When you have an air fryer, you level up in the game of life. Your experience in the kitchen will never be the same and there’s no way you’ll want to go back to using a regular, boring oven. Bow down, peasants.

When your air fryer becomes your child:

Air Fryer Meme:

Let’s face it, Millennials are choosing to have kids later on in life, or sometimes not at all. It is an entirely personal choice. However, you don’t need to feed an air fryer around the clock. The air fryer is there to feed you.

Step up your dating app game:

Air Fryer Meme:

If you’re browsing various dating apps and someone mentions that they have an air fryer, or better yet they have a photo of them with it, swipe right immediately.

When your oven gets jealous:

Air Fryer Meme:

Air fryers are capable of achieving next-level crispiness when it comes to just about any food. You’ll most likely choose it over your oven any day, which may lead to some jealousy issues. Sorry, oven.

Three cheers for being able to make any vegetable into fries:

Air Fryer Meme:

We won’t judge you if you do want to make just regular fries (I mean, potatoes are vegetables too, right?), but the ability to transform carrots and zucchini into fries is pretty great, too. Is there anything an air fryer can’t do?

An Easy-Bake Oven for adults? Sign me up!:

Air Fryer Meme:

If you were born after the late nineties, you probably have no idea what an Easy-Bake Oven is. You’re probably too young to care about air fryers, anyway. Carry on.

It’s not just a phase:

If getting excited about an air fryer means someone has reached peak adulthood, then I never want to look back. It’s not a phase mom!

What are some of your favorite air fryer memes?

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