Mini Corn Dogs in Air Fryer – Quick Simple & Delicious

Mini Corn Dogs in Air Fryer are tasty and quick to make

Mini Corn Dogs in Air Fryer
Homemade Mini Corn Dogs in Air Fryer

Do you love mini corn dogs as much as we do? Those little bite-sized hot dogs are hard to resist. Making mini corn dogs in the air fryer may be the best way to cook the yummy food. It is also a super fast way to make mini corn dogs. All you need are mini corn dogs and about ten minutes!

What are Mini Corn Dogs?

What is a corn dog made of? Corn dogs are simply a hot dog that has been dipped in a cornmeal batter. Corn dogs are often deep fried. Large corn dogs are typically served on a stick. Mini corn dogs are small enough that they do not need a stick. You can pop the whole thing right in your mouth!

What does a corn dog taste like? Corn dogs are a perfect combination of sweet and salty. The juicy hot dog center is savory, juicy and salty. The outside of the corn dog is crispy and sweet. The mix is perfect!

How to Cook Mini Corn Dogs

Can corn dogs be cooked from frozen? Most corn dogs are deep friend then frozen and packaged. When you buy corn dogs, they are likely frozen. Corn dogs can definitely be cooked from frozen. There is no need to thaw the corn dogs before cooking.

How long do corn dogs cook in the air fryer? Making mini corn dogs in an air fryer is very quick. The corn dogs will be perfect after about 8-10 minutes in a 380 degree air fryer. The time may increase if you are cooking a larger batch of corn dogs. The mini corn dogs will cook faster if you only make a few at a time.

What do I need to make mini corn dogs in air fryer? You do not need much to prepare mini corn dogs using the air fryer. All you will need is a bag of mini frozen corn dogs, non stick baking spray or oil and your favorite dipping sauce. We love eating mini corn dogs dipped in classic ketchup and mustard!

What to Serve with Mini Corn Dogs

What is the best side dish to pair with corn dogs? Corn dogs go with just about anything. They are also a full meal on their own! Make your mini corn dogs in air fryer and then pair them with a simple salad, grilled corn on the cob or a big plate of French fries. Anything that would go with a hot dog will go with a corn dog.

So, are you getting hungry? Are you starting to crave a salty, sweet snack? They grab your mini corn dogs and plug in your air fryer. It’s time to make perfect mini corn dogs in air fryer!  

You asked, we’re answering:

“How long to cook mini corn dogs in air fryer?”

After about 8-10 minutes in a 380°F air fryer, the corn dogs will be perfect. If you are preparing a large quantity of corn dogs, the time will increase most probably. If you just prepare a few small corn dogs at a time, they will get cooked faster.

“How to cook mini corn dogs in air fryer?”

For this you can find recipe with exact steps below:

Mini Corn Dogs in Air Fryer

Recipe by


Prep time


Cooking time



Those little bite-sized hot dogs are hard to resist


  • • 15 frozen mini corn dogs

  • • Baking spray or non stick oil spray

  • • Your favorite corn dog dip (ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, homemade aioli…)


  • Spray the basket of your air fryer with the baking spray.
  • Place the frozen mini corndogs in the greased basket in a single layer. Try to keep the corn dogs separated and not piled on top of each other for the best cooking results.
  • Air fry the corn dogs for 9 minutes at 380 degrees F.
  • Enjoy while hot, served with your favorite dipping sauce.


  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Cook slightly longer to get a crispier mini corn dog
    • Use the same recipe to make full sized corn dogs but increase the cooking time to 14 minutes.
  • Tools:
    • Air fryer

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